You don’t have to sell
your soul to get funded
Crowdfunding for people and organisations that don’t want to sell equity.
Selling equity is not for everyone.
Its hard getting to your initial capital if your company does not fit the growth expectations of Venture Capital investments or you don't want to sell equity because of conflicting company values.
Who is this for?
Indie Creators
Raise a salary for your first months
& Give back with your future revenue.
Small Businesses
Can't get Venture Capital investments or getting a loan from a bank is not the right fit?
Self-Owned Companies
Raise your first round from your community and keep owning 100% of your shares.
Use your superpower:
Your Community
You may not be eligible for a bank loan or you’d not find a classic investor for your business, but you have a community that believes in you.

Crowdfund your first round from your community and share some of your future revenue with them with Revenue Sharing Agreements or Loan Agreements.
Automate your fundraise
from open to close
No more paperwork and wire transfers.
Send docs, collect digital signatures, receive funds & pay out dividends.
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